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 Tategami Gallion

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Tategami Gallion
Tategami Gallion

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PostSubject: Tategami Gallion   Tategami Gallion Icon_minitimeTue Apr 15, 2008 5:30 pm

Name: Tategami Gallion



Village: Leaf village

Ninja Rank: Missing-Nin

Clan: Gallion

Looks: Tategami Gallion A74095

Personality: Tategami has a warped mind and is a little Insane Carnage and destruction are what she lives for and what she seeks in life.

Special Characteristics: A little insane with a warped mind, Master in fire style Jutsu (Her fire is black)

Skills/Specialties: main: ninjutsu sub: taijutsu


Black Lion summoning Jutsu:
A summoning Jutsu that summons a jet black blood thirsty Lion

Black fire Pheonix Jutsu

The user blows a line of fire from their mouth and it forms a pheonix shape scortching the enemy.

Fire ball Jutsu
After a few hand seals the user places their hand in an O shape near their mouth and blows a fire ball .

Grand fireball jutsu
As above but on a larger scale

Fire flicker Jutsu

The user uses hand seals and then flicks their tounge causing small spurts of fire to fly from the users mouth

Flying Lions kick Jutsu

User jumps at the enemy after a run and kicks at them in mid flight while whipping their leg like a lion clawing its prey

Black Lion Transformation Jutsu
Calling on the inner carnage inside of her Tategami warps her looks making her look more like a lion her hair turns black and grows into a mane ,her nails grow into claws, her teeth sharpen and elongate, she grows a tail and ears

Lions claw Jutsu
After using the black Lion transformation jutsu Tategami forces chakra into her hand and attacks the enemy with a devistating claw attack

Fire wall jutsu
The user blows a wall of fire blocking their enemy from getting near the user.

Clone jutsu
The user create between 1 and 5 clones of themselves, these clones cant do anything and are just used as a distraction

Transformtion jutsu
The user transforms their self into the looks of someone else

Lions berzerk charge
again calling on her inner carnage Tategami goes into a blind fit of berzerk rage, feeling no pain but the after affect are devistating any damage taken is going to be felt when she calms down.


Tategami grew up in an Insane asylum after beating up kids in her neighbourhood for no reason, The Heads of the Asylum thought it would be a good idea or her to enrole in the Konoha Ninja academy as it may just calm her down and make her think a little saner. After a while she seemed to be doing well she was no longer aggressive and voilent and she was doing well enough to become a Genin, but thats when things went wrong the team she was placed with shunned her after finding out about her upbringing and it made Tategami crack she lashed out bruttaly beating one of her team, she was dragged away by her sensai and kicked out of the academy and banished from Konoha.

While on her travels she met an old man who she lived with and in return for helping him around his little hut he would teach her what he knew about Ninjutsu, Little did Tategami know that the old man was actually a Missing-nin from the village hidden in the sand when she turned 20 she had been with the old man for 10 years and thats when she caught him using the transformation jutsu to change into the old man she had learned to trust and call sensai.

Again something snapped in Tategami's mind and she slaughtered the Missing-nin in cold blood Insanity was taking over all she cared about was carnage and destruction she went from village to village killing people and burning house to the ground. Eventually she got word that Konoha had dispatched a group of tracker ninja to find her, so for 6 years she went into hiding using the time to hone her skills and learn a few new jutsus (mostly her lion style jutsu's)
After six years of solitude insanity had truley taken hold of her she was not the same person who was thrown out of Konoha all those years ago now she was a blood thurst Maniac who sought only Carange and destruction which she brought with her everywhere she went.
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PostSubject: Re: Tategami Gallion   Tategami Gallion Icon_minitimeTue Apr 15, 2008 11:19 pm

This is a preety good application. I don't see any flaws so...


I'm back peeps! *shot* Meet my new character, Shimokage (no one knows his real name), will own you with his water style jutsu! Discover his true face and justsu as you visist the Snow Village.
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Modorokie Lee
Modorokie Lee

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PostSubject: Re: Tategami Gallion   Tategami Gallion Icon_minitimeWed Apr 16, 2008 5:14 pm

yeah, real nice ninja. you sound like you'll be tough to fight.

Tategami Gallion Rocklee

"Never farce with my village or pay with your life, even at the cost of my own."
-Modorokie Lee the 1st Mizukage
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PostSubject: Re: Tategami Gallion   Tategami Gallion Icon_minitime

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Tategami Gallion
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