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 Scypher Mugoi

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Missing Ninja
Missing Ninja

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PostSubject: Scypher Mugoi   Scypher Mugoi Icon_minitimeSat Apr 19, 2008 2:44 am

Scipher I fixed grammatical errors k? ~ Yukiko

Name: Scipher Mugoi

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Village: Previously from Lightning Country

Looks: Scypher Mugoi Cirrus4

Family Members: Deceased

Likes- Almost nothing (Respect must be earned.)
Dislikes- Almost everything

Ninja Rank: Pathfinder- Neutral Missing Ninja (Non Hostile)

Elements: Wind, Lightning

Main: Ninjutsu ; Sub: Weaponry

Weapon: Wyrm Claw Katana - Naturally contains bacteria that when penetrates the skin, causes fever, hallucination, constant uncontrolled chakra dispersing (through the wound), and paralysis.


Lighting Bolt- A Bolt of lighting 3x3ft is launched towards target.
Kinetic Armor- Forms very strong armor by using magnetic materials in the earth.
Chain Lightning- Similar to lightning bolt, except the bolt continues onto select targets in the area, possible returning to the original target.
Lightning Wyrm- Creates a Wyrm(Dragon-Like) shape out of lightning, changeable in size that launches at target.
Lightning Daggers- Daggers of Lightning fire at target, due to them being lightning, they are difficult, if not impossible to block.
Lightning Fury- Launches multiple target-seeking bolts of lightning, they may appear unnoticed.
Lightning Burst- User gathers lightning around them and releases it in a burst, effecting a 60ft circular area around the burst.
Lightning Quake- User releases lightning into the ground, the lightning travels through conductors and strikes target from beneath.
Lightning Breath- User amplifies the air around target with electricity, making each breath shock their system and cause sever pain. May also cause internal damage as well as a list of more fatal damage.

Shocking Wind- Amplifies any attack wind with a lightning current, the current of lightning is blended in with the wind, thus making it impossible to notice until contact.
Wind Current- Creates a current of wind that can change the temperature of the area as well as force objects/targets into certain directions.
Wind Wave- Creates a Wave of condensed wind that can cut through solid stone easily, the waves length and other attributes are changeable, due to it being wind, it is impossible to block and is invisible to the naked eye.
Wind Daggers- Daggers of condensed razor sharp wind fire at target, due to them being wind, they are unblock able, and invisible to the naked eye.
Wind Walker- Allows user to move with the wind, appearing at one place, but as the wind currents change, appearing at another.
Wind Displacement- Removes all oxygen around target, making it impossible to breath.
Wind Friction- Increases the speed of the wind, increasing the heat and friction around target. Each breath singes the lungs and bronchial areas, (Throat, Mouth, Nose, etc.)
Wind Pressure- Using the air around target, great force is pushed on target, area is specified when jutsu is used. Force is capable, if heat applied, of creating diamond from coal.
Wind Prison- Creates a prison of super condensed wind around target that on contact can rip through solid stone without slightest difficulty.

Wyrm's Dust- Creates poisonous particles in the area of target, the touch of these particles causes severe burning sensations, inhaling the particles causes paralysis, and fatigue. The particles pull chakra from the body, when inhaled, and when exhaled, the particles absorb the chakra and disperse it. If the particles contact the eyes, it causes extremely blurred vision and severe eye irritation.

Blood Contract- Wyrms (Not a full list)
Summoning- Wyrm
Summoning- Anchient Wyrm
Summoning- Shadow Wyrm
Summoning- Fenrir the Lightning Wyrm
Summoning- Blood Wyrm
Summoning- Wind Wyrm
Summoning- Fire Wyrm
Summoning- Water Wyrm
Summoning- White Wyrm
Summoning- Skeletal Wyrm

Background Story:
Scypher was born unloved, his parents used him as a slave, abusing and treating him like trash. Harsh punishments for doing nothing wrong, and forced labor was a daily thing for him. His entire family hated him for no reason at all. Scyphers anger and rage built up, until it burst. His power emerged, unstoppable, unrivaled. He slaughtered every member of his family, however, when he woke up the next morning, he didn't know that it was him. He walked outside to see his entire family ripped to pieces.
Scypher doesn't know that he killed his family, all he knows is the great, unknown blackness. The unquenchable hate, fear, and sadness. He searches for the plug to the black hole that is his life.


Fallen Arch-Angel Name: Adultero Caedes

Classification/Rank: Demon Slayer

Energy(Chakra) Type: Gold-Black Mixture. Gold Chakra from once being an Angel, Black chakra developed when cast out from heaven.

Basic Abilities: Being impriosned in the body of Scypher, he works through Scypher.

Black Wings: Wings of Darkness appear out of Scypher's body permiting him the ability to fly. The wings are not made of material, but of the Fallen Arch-Angel's black chakra.
Ethreal Weapons: The weapons of the Fallen Angel appear in Scyphers hands, they have the same abilities and are reproduced through the Angel's black and gold chakra.
Ethreal Projection: The Fallen Arch-Angel's appearance covers Scyphers. The Angel Appears as a black figure with no visible features.
Chakra Transfer: The Fallen Angel's chakra is infused with Scyphers giving scypher both normal, black, and gold chakra.

Advanced Abilities:
Dunno yet!

Wrath's Hammer: Hammer forged by Angels of the west. The Hammer is indestructable and appears to be made of Diamond and Silver, however, it is forged of a sacred material not of the earth.
Holy Purge: A Sacred Katana forged of an angelic material. The sword is inderstructable and is feared by all demons. This weapon is classified as a Daemon Slayer, as it rips through all demonic-type creatures, including Bijuu.

Jutsus: None.

Backround: Once a great crusader, Adultero Caedes was a hunter of demons. His life was holy and unholy at the same time. He was let into heaven only because of his last action. Sacraficing his own life for that of a child, he was killed by a mere mortal and could not be sent to hell. Adultero Caedes grew powerful in heaven, and dared challenge the true power of an Arch-Angel. He slayed the Arch-Angel with Wrath's Hammer and was cast from heaven, now classified as an Fallen Arch-Angel, he roamed the earth until his battle with an anchient samurai, the samurai's last move was imprisoning Adultero in the body of a boy. Scypher, at a very young age was incapable of holding back the will of Adultero and ripped through his family. Knowing the mind of the boy could not understand this, Adultero hid these memories from Scypher.
As Scypher grew, he gained a sub-conscious control over Adultero. Through meditation and many battles, Scypher has come to terms with this Angel.
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PostSubject: Re: Scypher Mugoi   Scypher Mugoi Icon_minitimeSat Apr 19, 2008 2:48 am

Wow dude you have my head spinning! But it's approved.

I'm back peeps! *shot* Meet my new character, Shimokage (no one knows his real name), will own you with his water style jutsu! Discover his true face and justsu as you visist the Snow Village.
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Scypher Mugoi
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