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 Shimamaru Kaguya

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Kaguya Shimamaru
Kaguya Shimamaru

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PostSubject: Shimamaru Kaguya   Sat Apr 19, 2008 3:35 am

Name: Kayuga Shimamaru

Age :20

Gender: Male

Village: Cloud

Ninja Rank: Jounin

Clan: Kayuga Clan

Looks: He is 6'1 130 LBS. Slim/Slender.

Personality: He's extremly friendly. Hes always on time. The one person he respects is the Raikage. He's always training to one day surpass everyone and become the greatest ninja of all time.He was the genious of the Kaguya clan. He doesnt let emotion get the best of him. When he is on a mission he knows to put the mission first and will put his life on the line a million times over to make sure that the mission suceed's. He will never leave a comrade and is always on top of his game. A ninja truly destined for great things. His kekkai genkai allows him to use his own bones in combat. Hes known as a true prodigy. He carries aroundhis most prised possession around with him whereever he goes, His sword. His Father gave him the sword when he was a little kid. He an extremly smart shinobi with the IQ of 191. He can think of 200 diffrent outcomes a second but his real skill is his knack for picking the best one.

Likes- Ramen, Combat, Honor,

Dislikes- Stubborn people, Ignorance, Dropouts, Knuckle Heads

Special Characteristics: Kaguya's Kekkai Genkai

Elements: Water , Earth

Main: Taijutsu
Sub: Ninjutsu

Jutsus: Dance Of Seedling Fern- His final and most powerful dance, this jutsu causes a giant forest of bone spikes to burst from the ground. It is an extremely deadly technique. He is able to emerge from any bone at will, giving him a deadly element of surprise.

Dance Of the Camiella- Using Kekkei genkai he modify's the humerus bone in his left or right arm to a hiltless bone sword. Since he can increase and compress the density of his bones, he can make the short harder than steal.

Dance of the Clemetis : Vine- Using his kekkei genkai, he can modify and pull out his own spinal column to use as a flexible chainstaff, regrowing a new spine to replace the removed one. The protrusions on the vertebra are modified to make them stronger and sharper.

Dance Of Clemetis: Flower- This is a follow-up to the Dance of the Clematis: Vine. His entire forearm is encased in a giant drill made of bone to attack the trapped victim. The bone is strengthened (through compression and its plaited spiral shape) to become the hardest type of bone the body can produce. The bone resembles a flower, hence the name.

Dance of the Larch- He uses this jutsu to create a mass of razor-sharp bone spikes all over his body. These spines appear to be branches off his preexisting skeletal structure rather than complete new bones. He is even able to grow these bones at an extremely rapid rate so they can stab an opponent even as they are growing. He can even use them to block or trap an opponent's strikes. In addition to being an unwelcome surprise for opponents, it makes him basically untouchable at close range.

Dance Of the Willow- To perform this dance, He grows several long bone blades out of his body for use as weapons. Though he primarily uses two blades grown from the palms of his hands, he also uses several secondary bones grown from his elbows, knees, and shoulders. This dance form is incredibly acrobatic, using spins, charges, and long sweeping slashes to make the strikes more effective and to evade opponents' counterstrikes. Kimimaro can also extend his bones to attack his opponents without having to adjust his own movement, a principle also used in his Dance of the Larch.

Finger Bullet Drill - With this jutsu, He can fire his fingertip bones at an opponent like bullets.
Fire Release: Fire Dragon Flame Missile Justu.

Dance of the Crescent Moon- This jutsu creates three shadow clones of the user, which attack along with the user in a complicated sword-dancing pattern to confuse the opponent. The swords are also able to extend to any length

Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique - This jutsu changes the appearance of a nearby object or area.

Summoning Jutsu: Summon's a Polar Bear for combat.

Summoning Jutsu: Summon's a Panther for transporation and combat.

Summoning Jutsu: Summon's a Blue Dragon.

Lion's Barrage- he does Shadow of the Dancing Leaf to get behind an airborne opponent. Afterwards, his is different. He starts with a kick to the left side of his opponent (the easiest part to block). From there he does a backhand strike to the face, one straight punch to the gut to send the opponent towards the ground and finishes with a spinning kick that lands his left heel on the center of the opponent just as they both hit the ground. He tends to use different moves each time he does this technique. Because he doesn't know how to open his chakra gates, this technique puts much more strain on him . Additionally, his version is less effective version, though still quite effective, giving his a lower rank.It still leaves the opponent unconciouus for a few hours.

The Eight Inner Gates-
The eight chakra gates are eight specific points on a person's chakra circulatory system. They limit the overall flow of chakra within a person's body. The basis for the idea of the chakra gates comes from the body's limits on the functions within it. This makes the body much weaker, but it keeps the body from expiring too soon. By opening these gates, the user can surpass their own physical limits at the cost of extreme damage to their own bodies. Rock Lee is able to open the first five gates.
1. Opening (Initial) releases the brain's limit on the total strain on the muscles, giving the user five times their normal strength.
2. Rest (Heal / Energy) releases the brain's limit on the body's stamina, making a battle-worn person become miraculously ready to fight as if the fight had just started.
3. Life is located on the spinal cord, and releases the limit on the nervous system, which makes information travel at a faster rate and creates even more stamina. As a side effect, the user's skin turns red, indicating an increased blood-oxygen level.
4. Pain (Harm / Wound) releases the limit on oxygen intake in the lungs, creating much more oxygen for the body to use.
5. Closing (Limit) releases the limit on the amount of chakra released at one time.
6. Joy (View) removes the limit on how much fat and proteins the intestines can digest, and releases otherwise useless energy resources, giving the user even more power and stamina.
7. Shock (Wonder / Insanity) removes the limit on how fast the body can move, removes wastes from dead skin cells to feces, and gives the body a much cleaner system to work with, producing even more power and stamina.
8. Death opens the final gate located at the heart and uses up all of the body's energy. It makes the heart pump at maximum power and exceeds the power of every other gate. All the energy in every individual cell is used up, giving the user power well above that of any Kage. This "big bang" effect is only temporary, and destroys every muscle in the user's body. Death is assured when opening this gate.

Water Clone Technique -This jutsu creates one or more identical copies of the user out of water. Like the Shadow Clone Technique, these clones are capable of attacking and using jutsu, but they are easier to defeat because they are only one-tenth of the user's power. Additionally, they can only be controlled within a certain distance of the user.

Mist Servant Technique- This jutsu creates clones that phase in and out of the ground as if they were made of a blackish, oil-like liquid. When attacked, the clones regenerate themselves. The clones can be controlled to make it seem as if they're throwing kunai. The user can then time their attacks with those of the clones.

Earth Release: Earth Style Mudd Wall - He spits out a stream of mud that quickly grows and solidifies into a strong, protective wall.

Earth Release Barrier: Dungeon Chamber of Nothingness- This jutsu raises a large ridge or hill from the ground. He can use it to trap enimies and suck up there chakra.

Haze Clone Technique- This jutsu is similar to the Clone Technique, but produces clones that don't disappear when struck, making it much harder to effectively locate the user.

Water Prison Technique- his jutsu is used to trap a victim inside a virtually inescapable sphere of water. The only downside to this technique is that the user must keep at least one arm inside the sphere at all times in order for the victim to remain imprisoned. Clones can be used in place of the actual person, provided that the clone is the one that performed the technique. This jutsu can't be performed without a sufficiently large body of water to supply the water for it.

Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique-
This jutsu is used to fire a massive spiraling blast of water at an opponent.

Water Release: Gunshot-
He fires a ball of compressed water from his mouth.

Water Release: Rapid Crasher-
This technique creates water in the user's hand and fires it at the enemy.

Water Release: Syrup Capture Field -Using this jutsu, the user can spit a stream of extremely sticky syrup that covers the ground and holds opponents in place. Any ninja capable of walking on water can avoid being stuck in the syrup, but need to do so before being caught.

Water Release: Water Dragon Blast Technique-
Using this jutsu, the user creates a huge current of water in the form of a serpentine dragon and directs it towards a target. The water used to create the dragon must be present to perform the technique. This technique requires 54 hand seals to perform, more than five times that of almost every other jutsu in the series.

Water Release: Water Encampment Wall - This jutsu creates a water barrier to protect the user from any offensive attacks.

Water Release: Water Fang Bullet-
This jutsu creates a circle of crushing water spikes around the opponent.

Water Release: Water Shark Missile Technique-
This jutsu utilizes water to attack the enemy with a powerful water burst in the form of a shark.

Water Release: Waterfall Basin Technique-
Creates A waterfall.

Weapons, Gear: A Sword. Kunai, standard gear.

History/Background Story : He was of the Kaguya clan. Before they were destroyed he was known to be extremly powerful. For the sake of the clan members he was kept hidden in an underground layer were he endoured rigourus training to become to trunk card for the clan had they needed him to defeat the rest of the hidden mist village. All his life he apposed the fact that he was the one that needed to back up the clan incase of certain defeat. The idea that he would be behind murdering people just bugged him. He trained with some of the top members in the Kaguya clan and became so strong that he surpassed them. He had a few friends that came down into the layer to visit him on ocasion. There names were Inbu and Yarashi. They were both shinobi and very good ones. Everyday they would come down and all of them would either practice there taijutsu or just hang out and take it easy. Through them Shimamaru learned of love bonds. Because he had never known such a thing had even existed before. He loved them like they were family. Although he was much stronger than both of them he taught them all the jutsu's he had learned by the elders. They were the only people that truley understood him. One day his friends decided that they were going to attempt to help him ecsape. They made it almost out of the layer which was serveral stories deep in, when they got caught. Shimamaru went crazy and killed 10 men before they were stopped. That was the only day he had ever shown his true power. Shimamaru's only two friends were executed on the spot. After this Shimamaru started rebelling and would never agree to fight for them. He was cast aside and dumped far away in the cloud village. After that, he was found and trained by a man named Okimi. Okimi was a very good teacher and he tought him all the ninjutsu he knew. He was a very old man and soon after that he died of old age. Shimamaru only knew pain because everyone he had ever loved died. He soon found out that emotion was getting him no where and decided to become a true Konoha Shinobi. After that he joined the academy late. He got very good grades and strived to become great. He was soon known throughout the village. When he learned of his clan's desruction as anyone would imagine he didn't care. he quickly moved on to be genin, then chunin and is now striving to become a Jounin. He is just happy being a Shinobi.

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Yukiko Ikirino
Yukiko Ikirino

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PostSubject: Re: Shimamaru Kaguya   Sat Apr 19, 2008 3:42 am

Pretty good, but fix the image lol and write down how far you can go on the gates
also fix some jutsu's example: Water style : Gunshot a thing gama does lol
Fix them

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PostSubject: Re: Shimamaru Kaguya   Sat Apr 19, 2008 3:43 am

Wow...it's pretty good. I don't see any flaws at the moment so,


I'm back peeps! *shot* Meet my new character, Shimokage (no one knows his real name), will own you with his water style jutsu! Discover his true face and justsu as you visist the Snow Village.
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Yukiko Ikirino
Yukiko Ikirino

Posts : 174
Join date : 2008-04-18
Age : 25
Location : Hidden Cloud Village

PostSubject: Re: Shimamaru Kaguya   Sat Apr 19, 2008 3:49 am

Wait how far do the gates go?
just put that in how far can you go with gates and your approved by me which is required since I'm Raikage lol

Yukiko! The beautiful Kunoichi of the Lightning
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PostSubject: Re: Shimamaru Kaguya   

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Shimamaru Kaguya
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