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 Targets For Akatsuki

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Akatsuki Leader

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Targets For Akatsuki Empty
PostSubject: Targets For Akatsuki   Targets For Akatsuki Icon_minitimeSun Apr 20, 2008 4:07 am

These are missions that i can only assign.
I Will give one of my teams a target when were all set up and done.

Uzumaki Rinto - Sannin , Destoryed Former Raikage. Leaf Village

Yukiko Ikirino - Raikage , Cloud Village

Kaguya Shimamaru - Jounin , Cloud Village.

Modorokie Lee - Mizukage , Mist Village

Shikyo - Anbu , Leaf Village

Kaishiro - Hokage , Leaf Village

Shinji - Kazekage , Sand Village

Lets Begin Our Murders.
More Murders the higher you rank up and more respect i give you.
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Targets For Akatsuki
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